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The data provided here a link-wise resting state functional connectivity indices derived from the day2day study (Filevich et al., 2017). These data were analyzed by Pannunzi et al. (2017) and by Brandmaier et al. (under review). Refs: Filevich, E., Lisofsky, N., Becker, M., Butler, O., Lochstet, M., Martensson, J., … Kühn, S. (2017). Day2day: investigating daily variability of magnetic resonance imaging measures over half a year. BMC Neuroscience, 18, 65. Mario Pannunzi, Rikkert Hindriks, Ruggero G. Bettinardi, Elisabeth Wenger, Nina Lisofsky, Johan Martensson, Oisin Butler, Elisa Filevich, Maxi Becker, Martyna Lochstet, Simone Kühn, Gustavo Deco (2017). Resting-state fMRI correlations: From link-wise unreliability to whole brain stability,NeuroImage, 157, pp 250-262 Files: - columns.csv contains the names of the 16 ROIs of interest (#1 to #16). - rsfMRI-X-Y.csv contains both longitudinal and cross-sectional measurements of functional connectivity for the link between ROI X and ROI Y.