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This collection contains the accepted manuscript, supplementary materials, data, and scripts to reproduce the analyses for the project 'Listeners learn and predict talker-specific prosody to deal with talker-variability'. Also, the stimuli used in the experiment have been made accessible. The collection contains several folders: - Scripts: This folder contains all the scripts used for preprocessing and analyses (of EEG data and behavioral data) - An R script that is used for the analyses of the behavioral data (R script RT data.R) - A Matlab script used for analysis of the EEG data (Script ERP analysis.m) - A Matlab script used for preprocessing the EEG data (Preprocessing script.m) - Behavioral data: - A txt.file containing the cleaned (removed missing datapoints, removed excluded participants) behavioral output in the EEG experiment (EEG experiment RT data.txt) - A txt. file containing the accuracy scores in the training phase for all participants (accuracy_P_Block_Ppts.txt) - EEG data: - A folder (Preprocessed data) with the preprocessed files - Considering that the data is preprocessed in Fieldtrip and is thus in a Matlab format, this leads to difficulties in case one wishes to re-analyse the data in other software. If one wishes to do so, the raw data can be requested from the corresponding author. - A folder containing required files for preprocessing and/or analysis. These contain: - Two functions used in the preprocessing (channel_repair_pwi.m, sort_eog.m) - A matlab file (ActiCap_64Ch_DCC_customized.mat) containing the electrode lay-out - Behavioral output files of the EEG experiment - Stimuli: - A folder containing the edited stimuli that have been used in the test phase of the experiment
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