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![Map of travel distances][1] The Myers Abortion Facility Database identifies the names and addresses of all facilities—including private physician offices, hospitals, and freestanding clinics—that publicly advertised the provision of abortion services or are otherwise likely to be identifiable to a large fraction of women seeking an abortion. This database is not intended to capture private physicians and hospitals that provide a small number of abortions each year and do not advertise their services. The database was collected by Caitlin Myers for academic research purposes and covers the period January 1, 2009 through June 1, 2021 for all states. The OSF project page for these data include documentation and an application to obtain the restricted use data for academic research purposes. They also include public and downloadable data providing county-by-month travel distances and times to the nearest abortion facility. Use of these data is governed by a creative commons license. Please cite all data using the DOI identifier. **Research using these data** Caitlin Myers. 2021. "Measuring the burden: The effect of travel distance on abortions and births" IZA Discussion Paper No. 14556. Available at [1]: