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# Data Description **Remember that that the bet-payout matching process is imperfect, see the paper for details!** This repository contains two data sets. These are the raw anonymised incoming and outgoing cryptocurrency transactions to three decentralised gambling application smart contracts, and the behavioural measures calculated for each player found in each of these contracts. The raw matched transaction data is split into 100MB chunks, each named `raw_data_part_x.csv`, and the measures calculated for each player are called `measures_table.csv`. The second is a derivative of the first, so to replicate this work from the raw data to the findings requires only the first dataset. ## `raw_data_part_x.csv` Download each of the seven chunks of raw data, and load them in to a single dataframe on your PC. The full dataset contains 2232741 rows, where each row is a pair of transactions (bet and payout). ## `measures_table.csv` The measures table is derived from the raw data and includes one row for each player, where each column is one of the behavioural measures computed by LaBrie et al's study (see paper for details). Please email if you have any questions about the dataset.