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**Description of the files associated with this project** ***individual_study_info.csv:*** A list of digital object identifiers (DOIs) for the meta-analysis and primary research articles used in the analysis. If studies featured in more than one of the 35 meta-analysis, then for the purposes of the individual study analysis the median effect size was used. Columns A and B represent the included studies in the individual study analysis and columns C and D represent the meta-analysis from which the effect size was extracted from. Column E represent the population type of the study (clinical and healthy control) and the dose type (single and multiple). ---------- ***dat.csv:*** The primary analysis file. **Column descriptions**: - meta_analysis: The meta-analysis the effect was extracted from - study: The study the effect effect size was extracted from (see "individual_study_info.csv" for study DOIs) - year: The year the study was published - yi: The reported effect sizes - lower: The reported confidence interval lower bound (if reported) - upper: The reported confidence interval upper bound (if reported) - sei: The standard error of the reported effect size (if reported) - favours_oxytocin: Whether a positive or negative value represents a positive outcomes after oxytocin administration) ---------- ***fig1a_data.csv:*** Data used to generate figure 1a ---------- ***fig1b_data.csv:*** Data used to generate figure 1b ---------- ***fig2a_data.csv:*** Data used to generate figure 2a ---------- ***fig2b_data.csv:*** Data used to generate figure 2b ---------- ***manuscript_analysis.R:*** The R analysis script ---------- ***quintana_oxytocin_power.pdf:*** The preprint ---------- ***R_package_citations.pdf:*** A citation list of R packages used