Confirmatory Study: Relationship Satisfaction and Ego Depletion Determine How Avoidantly Attached Individuals Make Amends

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Description: Although attachment avoidance is typically linked with negative behaviors, certain circumstances (e.g., being in high-quality relationships) seem to promote pro-relationship behaviors for more avoidantly attached individuals. One possible explanation for why more avoidant persons behave negatively sometimes but positively at other times is that their impulses regarding relationship events vary depending on negative or positive relationship circumstances (e.g., relationship satisfaction level). Supporting this hypothesis, an unregistered exploratory study in our lab found that when depleted (vs. non-depleted), more avoidant persons in less satisfying relationships made fewer amends for a transgression enacted against their partner, whereas more avoidant persons in more satisfying relationships made greater amends. The present study seeks to directly replicate and extend this research.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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