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Although hearing loss affects a reported 466 million people worldwide, many hearing loss complaints go unheard, downplayed, or insufficiently mediated by healthcare practitioners for pediatric and adult populations. The health specialty of audiology specifically is under referred, with many patients being directed to otolaryngology services or having their concerns dismissed in favor of treatment of health concerns perceived as more pressing. To gain a better understanding of the extent to which early-career physicians, specifically internal medicine residents, are trained in hearing healthcare, a two-part REDCap questionnaire was created with specific questions regarding hearing impairment and treatment and referral options. Questions were gathered from previous research studies that investigated primary care providers’ hearing care knowledge. It is anticipated that this survey will be used to design and inform education blocks or modules via Rush continuing education modules for first year internist residents as they embark on their clinical education at Rush University. Obtained results will inform the need for resources to support these residents as they complete their clinical training not only at Rush Medical University, but at universities around the country. Presenter will be unavailable on May 3rd. Please feel free to contact at Keywords: audiology, audiology education, hearing loss, internal medicine, residents, primary care physician