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Stimuli were created from images of 50 white men (mean age = 24.1 years, age SD = 3.0 years, age range = 19-30 years; mean body weight = 76.7kg, body weight SD = 10.4kg, body weight range = 53-100kg; mean height = 181.4cm, height SD = 6.7cm, height range = 168-200cm; mean BMI = 23.3, BMI SD = 2.6, BMI range = 17.7-29.9) and 50 white women (mean age = 24.1 years, age SD = 3.0 years, age range = 19-30 years; mean body weight = 54.9kg, body weight SD = 6.3kg, body weight range = 42-75kg; mean height = 169.0cm, height SD = 6.5cm, height range = 155-184cm; mean BMI = 19.2, BMI SD = 1.8, BMI range = 16.2-23.7). These images and associated data were sourced from, a website that provides high-quality body images for 3D gaming development and other uses. All individuals gave their consent for their images to be used commercially and publicly. **Face Stimuli** Face images were taken against neutral backgrounds and all individuals posed facing the camera with direct gazes and neutral expressions. Images were masked to show only the face and ears. Face images were aligned on the centre of the pupils. Using Graphic Converter 9, facial piercings and/or hair clips were removed from 8 face images. **Body Stimuli** Body images were also taken against neutral backgrounds and individuals posed directly facing the camera with their legs shoulder width apart and arms at 45-degree angles. Bodies were sized relative to actual height (10px/cm), the background was deleted, and placed on a 2400x1800px neutral background. Faces and genitals were obscured with grey circles in order to mitigate potential rating confounds. Using Graphic Converter 9, tattoos, belly-button rings, and/or bracelets were removed from 21 body images.