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The CompLex database presents a large-scale collection of eye-movement studies on English compound word processing. A combined total of 440 participants completed eye tracking experiments in which they silently read unspaced English compound words (e.g., *goalpost*) embedded in sentence contexts (e.g., *Dylan hit the goalpost when he was aiming for the net*.). Three studies were conducted using participants representing the non-college bound population (300 participants), and four studies included participants recruited from the student population (140 participants). The database comprises trial-level eye-movement data (47,763 trials), participant data (including a measure of reading experience estimated via the Author Recognition Test), and lexical characteristics for the 931 English compound words used in the studies. The database consists of three linked databases, in comma-separated `.csv` format. One is a database of participant information, `CompLexParticipantData.csv`, which includes information about the study they took as well as basic demographic information and individual-differences measures. A second one is a database of compounds, `CompLexLexicalData.csv`, which provides information, including lexical statistics, about each target word and its corresponding carrier sentence frame. A third database, `CompLexEyeMovementData.csv` reports basic eye-movement measures for the target word in each sentence frame per each experiment. Finally, a master file `CompLexCombined.csv` merges together all information using two key fields: `SubjectID` and `SentenceFrameID`. Full descriptions of the variables are provided in the paper uploaded within this repository.