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This archive contains a comprehensive dataset of human face perception, including single-unit recordings, eye tracking data, social trait judgments, behavior data, and stimuli materials. The data were saved in MATLAB format (.mat). Notes for usage and the record of each variable in the .mat files could be found in readMe.rtf at corresponded directory. Matlab codes for preprocessing and demo analysis are also available. Please run the code under the directories where they were located. The directories are listed as follows: /Analysis/ : demo analysis code for each type of data. /behaviorData/ : behavior data stored in subject-session style for each recorded session. Unzip the file '' before use. /ET/ : eye tracking data(in /ET/Data/) and preprocessing code (in /ET/Code/). /Event Files/: event file for each recorded session, which is common for both eye tracking data and single neuron data. /SingleNeuron/: Spike data (in /SingleNeuron/Data/) for each sorted single neuron and preprocessing code (in /SingleNeuron/Code/). /Social Rating/: social trait judgments of 8 traits for patients (in '/Social Rating/Data/CelebA_PatientRating.mat') and online participants (in '/Social Rating/Data/CelebA_ProlificRating.mat'). Demographic information for patients could be found in Table 1 in the descriptor: Cao R, Lin C, Brandmeir NJ, Wang S. A human single-neuron dataset for face perception. Demographic information for online participants is located in ('/Social Rating/Data/Demographic_Prolific.mat'). /Stimuli/ : Face stimuli that used in the current study. /tools/ : Functions that help to plot and computations for common analysis. This dataset is released jointly with a data descriptor in the journal Scientific Data. Please refer to the paper for details of the experiment design and data recordings. The data were used and originally described in three papers focusing on single-unit, eye movement, and social judgments respectively listed below. If you use any part of the data please cite the the descriptor and the primary data paper. The original descriptions of each type of the data are provided in: Single unit: Cao, R., J. Wang, C. Lin, E. D. Falco, A. Peter, H. G. Rey, J. DiCarlo, A. Todorov, U. Rutishauser, X. Li, N. Brandmeir and S. Wang (2022). "Feature-based encoding of face identity by single neurons in the human amygdala and hippocampus." bioRxiv: 2020.09.01.278283. Social trait: Cao, R., C. Lin, X. Li, A. Todorov, N. J. Brandmeir and S. Wang (2021). "A neuronal social trait space for first impressions in the human amygdala and hippocampus." bioRxiv: 2021.01.30.428973. Eye tracking: Cao R, Li X, Brandmeir NJ, Wang S. Encoding of facial features by single neurons in the human amygdala and hippocampus. Commun Biol 4, 1394 (2021) The reference for the data descriptor is: Cao R, Lin C, Brandmeir NJ, Wang S. A human single-neuron dataset for face perception.