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Replication #1 of Saffran, Newport, & Aslin (1996)  /

  1. Gina Iozzo
  2. Katie Lamirato
  3. Alyssa Savery
  4. James Spizzirro
  5. Kelsey Trimm
  6. Kendall Van Horne
  7. Sven L. Dietz

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Category: Project

Description: We replicated Exp. 1 of Saffran, Newport, & Aslin (1996) Word segmentation: The role of distributional Cues, Journal of Memory and Language, 35, 606-621, as part of a multi-year project to replicate every published adult statistical word segmentation study. Despite a much larger sample than the original (101 subjects vs. 24), evidence of successful segmentation was weak and mixed, and none of the item or condition effects replicated. We consider whether this is more likely to be a failure of replication or a failure of generalization (e.g., to a different population).

License: CC0 1.0 Universal


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