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In this Online Supplementary Material (OSM), you can find the following information: - The data (see data/data.csv) - The syntax, which can be used to rerun all analyses (see analyses/analyses.RmD) - The items, item characteristics, detailed results, and additional analyses (see analyses/analyses.pdf) - The current version of the manuscript (see manuscript/manuscript.pdf) - An RmD file that you can use to reproduce the final manuscript (see manuscript/manuscript.RmD) All content is stored on [github][1]. It is possible to provide feedback, file issues, or suggest actual changes to the manuscript. Also, please feel free to use the data in other contexts. In order to reproduce the manuscript, we recommend the following procedure. First, make sure that you have installed the latest versions of R, Rstudio, and the packages needed for the analyses. Then, download all files hosted on github. Open the R-Project "Need for Privacy.Rproj". To reproduce the analyses, open "analysis.RmD" and knit the file (e.g., by hitting "Ctrl + Shift + K"). To reproduce the manuscript, open "manuscript.RmD" and again knit the file. (It is not necessary to run the analyses to reproduce the file.) If you should have problems reproducing the paper (e.g., because packages have changed, etc.), let us know and we will try to help. [1]: