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Description: This is a proof-of-concept methodological infrastructure meant to facilitate memetics turning into a science of predicting how large-scale ideas such as postmodernism or meta-modernism spread within social networks.

License: CC0 1.0 Universal


Open Memetics Society is a citizen science initiative aimed at empowering academics, citizen scientists as well as private companies to pursue memetic research and innovation as well as disseminate thoughts, ideas and findings in the field of memetics. We do science as serious play. Our main website is


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  • Longitudinal Twitter Communities

    Twitter mention graphs from a selection of Swedish Twitter users, broken per month and enriched with Infomapr clusters.

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  • Multi-lingual (mostly Swedish, English, Norwegian and Finnish) Word Embeddings

    Created using Gensims word2vec model.

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  • Typealyzer Annotated Social Media Texts

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  • Annotated Mood Texts

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