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Target of replication: *A priori* experimental protocols, materials, and confirmatory analysis plans were peer reviewed, [pre-registered][1], and published by [eLife][2]. This component includes all data, analysis scripts, and methods for the replication of the experiment reported in Figures 2A-C of [Ward et al., 2010][3]. This experiment sought to independently replicate whether the cancer-associated IDH2 R172 mutation, exhibited a loss-of-function for isocitrate-dependent NADPH production and a gain-of-function for alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent NADPH consumption compared to wild-type IDH2. <br> ### Contents [Figures component][4] contains a visualization of replication results. These figures are the same as can be found in the Replication Study. [Statistical Analyses component][5] contains R scripts that were used for the analysis. [Data component][6] contains data generated from the experimental work and files used in the analysis and generation of figures, which are in .csv format. [Methods component][7] contains additional methodology details for this replication attempt which were described in the [Registered Report][8]. [Cell line quality control data][9] includes results confirming the cell lines were free of mycoplasma contamination and common mouse pathogens as well as STR DNA profiling of the cell lines used. [Plasmid quality control data][10] includes results from the generation of the plasmids used in this study, including sequencing data confirming the correct sequence of the insert. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: