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The Open Research Lifecycle **Best Practices** - File Management and Licensing - File naming - Organizing files - Licensing - Version Control - Research Design - Preregistration - Creating a data management plan (DMP) - Handling Data - How to Make a Data Dictionary - Sharing Research Outputs - Sharing data - Preprints - Creating and Managing OSF Projects **The Open Scholarship Knowledgebase (OSKB)** ● Resource guides on reproducibility: **Curated Reading List of Metascience** - Benefits of Open Science for Researchers - Citation advantages of data transparency, preprints, registered reports - Benefits of open science for the scientific community - Effects of preregistration or Registered Reports on quality of reporting - Initial evidence of research quality of registered reports compared with the standard publishing model h ttps:// - Evidence of low rates of replicability - Recommendations for Increasing Reproducibility - **Overcoming the Knowledge Barrier** - Primers on implementing open science practices - Tutorials and online curricula for coded statistical analysis - Links to open science communities - **Center for Open Science content** - Blog series: - Webinars: - Resources for researchers: **What is preregistration?** - It is the act of specifying in advance how data will be collected and analyzed. - Preregistrations are time-stamped, immutable documents. - Preregistrations make the distinction between hypothesis testing, confirmatory research and hypothesis generating, exploratory research more clear. - Presenting exploratory results as confirmatory increases the publishability of results at the expense of credibility of results. - **How to preregister** - The Preregistration Challenge is an education campaign designed to introduce this as a regular habit. It includes a guided workflow to help you create a preregistration. - Get started now: **Resources and Further Readings** - *Can you preregister if you are using existing data?* Yes, see template available at - “The Preregistration Revolution” (, which covers nine challenging situations in which preregistration is beneficial. - A blog series about preregistration: - The Guardian, Trust in science would be improved by study pre-registration, - Nature, A manifesto for reproducible science, A presentation from a community member introducing OSF: A helpful osf presentation on how to create your first works: