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For more background on the datasets presented here see: **1st February 2015** [][1] **24th February 2015** [][2] **21st March 2015** [][3] **Summary** In my blogpost ['Editors behaving badly?][4] I presented analyses of speed of acceptance of two sets of papers: (a) papers published by Johnny Matson in the journal Developmental Neurorehabilitation between 2010-2014. (b) papers published by a group of authors (J. Sigafoos, M.O'Reilly and G. Lancioni) in two journals edited by Matson: Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Research in Developmental Disabilities, between 2010-2014. The raw data on which these computations were based were downloaded from Web of Science and exported to Excel. Dates of receipt and acceptance of papers were manually extracted from the electronic versions on the journal website. **1st March 2015** I have now added screenshots of Scopus output that corresponds to the PPS in my blogpost, showing the top 10 authors publishing in 4 journals from 2010-2014, i.e. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders + Research in Developmental Disabilities (taken together), Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities, and Developmental Neurorehabilitation. **7th March 2015** I have added an excel file for pairwise comparison of lag from submission to acceptance for papers authored by Sigafoos and the next paper listed on Web of Science as being published in RASD 2010-2014. **21st March 2015** Added database of all papers in RIDD from 2004 to 2014: RIDDxlsOSF.xlsx. Main data come from Web of Science, supplemented by dates of receipt and acceptance of papers, and whether there was a revision, scraped from the ScienceDirect website. RIDDtimescale.jpg: scatterplot showing lag to acceptance relative to date of receipt of paper. Papers authored by Sigafoos shown in orange. **23rd March 2015** Added database of all papers in RASD from 2007-2014: RASDxlsOSF.xlsx. This includes dynamic cells that allow one to view the N papers, N papers with acceptance within 21 days, and N papers with revision for a named author. See col T-X. 24th March 2015: updated RIDDxlsOSF and RASDxlsOSF to include consistent format for author search. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: