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# License [CC-BY 4.0]( # Introduction Welcome to the repository of our paper "Articulatory features of phonemes pattern to iconic meanings: evidence from cross-linguistic ideophones" by Arthur Lewis Thompson, Thomas Van Hoey and Youngah Do, all based at the University of Hong Kong. The paper will be published in *Cognitive Linguistics*. A preprint can be found on Lingbuzz ( or on ResearchGate (doi: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29889.68961). # How to use this repository The contents of this repository include: 1. code_for_tables_and_figures.Rmd 2. 3. The code_for_tables_and_figures.Rmd file contains all the code used in the paper to generate the analyses and figures. It also mentions which versions of the R packages and R were used to generate the analysis. The file contains the original data: 1. vowel_features.csv 2. database_13_languages.xlsx 3. consonant_features.csv 4. database_raters_A_B.xlsx Finally, the file contains the outputs that were used in the interpretation of the results. Please contact us if you need help with the files in replication.