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![enter image description here][1] 29th of May at 4 pm BST ----------------------- #### **About the event:** The work of researchers is undergoing a revolution. Many institutions are now joining forces to promote open, reproducible, transparent and rigorous research. Many academics across the globe are working towards creating a collaborative and supportive environment within and beyond their institutions. Together, we can improve the global quality and efficiency of research. However, changes are not easy. There are some challenges that researchers face when embarking on their own open/reproducible research journey. During this meeting, we will focus on the experiences of ECRs. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for discussions and networking of like-minded individuals who are involved in open and reproducible research initiatives at their institutions. #### **Plan for the evening:** *Please note that the times below are in BST. You can use [this link][2] to check what time the event starts in your local time zone* **16:00** - Event starts, Welcome from the Team **16:10** - Invited Talk by Anne Scheel, Eindhoven University of Technology **16:40** - Panel Discussion "The Influence of ECRs on the Changing Research Culture and Integrity" *Half of the time dedicated to the panel will be for answering the audience's questions.* **18:00** - Virtual Networking Similar to coffee/tea time organised virtually for teams to hang out - we will also attempt to hang out after the event so that people can get to know each other and have a chance for discussions. We are not yet sure how this will work, but we will send more details soon! **Panellists:** - Dr Ben Bleasdale, Senior Policy and Advocacy Adviser at Wellcome Trust - Dr Amy Orben, Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge - Dr Jessica Butler, Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen - Prof Emily Farran, Research Culture and Integrity Lead, University of Surrey #### **How to attend** You can register to participate in this event until the 27th of May 2020. Please use [this form.][3] If you are planning to attend this event, please familiarise yourself with the [Code of Conduct][4] **The event will be recorded and the link will be shared here and by the core ReproducibiliTea team after the event** ---------------------------------------------------------------- This event is brought to you by the Surrey Reproducibility Society in collaboration with the core ReproducibiliTea Team. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries at [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: