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# **UC Merced Shiny App Workshop** This page was created to house the material used during the UC Merced Shiny App Workshop (April 26, 2019). ## How can you prepare? 1. Download the material on this page by clicking on *OSF Storage (USA)* below and then clicking on the *Download As zip* Button. 2. Install R: 3. Install RStudio: 4. If you feel comfortable: Run the *"packagecheck.R"* file so you have all the required packages that we use during the workshop. *Note*: this script might take a while to run! 5. If you want to work with your own data during the workshop, make sure its "clean" and ideally saved as a .dat or .csv file. *Note*: Even if you already have R and Rstudio installed on your computer, check and make sure you are running the most up-to-date versions of both. ## Want a quick primer on R/RStudio? Here are some resources you can use to become familiar with R and the RStudio environment. These resources are useful if you have no or very limited experience with R and R studio. 1. [A 14-minute intro to R programming language and RStudio]( 2. [A 35-minute intro to RStudio]( 3. The R package Swirl, which teaches you to use R directly in RStudio: [Swirl]( 2. [A Data Import Cheat Sheet]( ## What if I don't have any data to use? We will provide you with data to create the Shiny Apps we use as examples during the workshop. If you'd like to use a different dataset, you could use the following websites to find one that is relevant for your field of research (*Note*: we will also introduce these websites during the workshop): 1. [ICPSR]( 2. [Dash (University of California)]( 3. [Google Dataset Search](