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# Repository Structure ## .ipynb files Those files are Jupyter notebooks: They contains all the code necessary to reproduce the figures, tables and texts reported in the main manuscript (Analysis.ipynb) and in the response to Walasek, Mullett and Stewart (Response to WMS.ipynb). To reproduce the analysis: 1. Clone the repository 2. Run `conda env create --name reanalysis-ws --file environment.yml` to create a conda environment with all the required data and libraries. You will need to install the [Anaconda Distribution][2] first if you do not have it. 3. Activate the environment using `conda activate reanalysis-ws` and run the notebooks. ## .html files Those files are exports of the Jupyter notebooks. They also contain all the figures, tables, texts and code, but are not interactive. ## Figures This subfolder contains the figures of the paper. ## Buffer This subfolder contains pre-computed data that would be computationally expensive to recompute every time: * The traces for the Bayesian model * The lambdas and bootstrapped estimates of lambdas for all studies and all subsets of data * The simulated responses ## Original Data This subfolder contains the original data of Walasek and Stewart, retrieved from [Neil Stewart's website][1]. [1]: [2]: