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>**For more information, please visit [][1]** [**Za više informacija, molimo Vas posetite [][2]**] ![liralogo]( =17%x) REPOPSI was launched on March 6, 2020 to provide a repository for open-access psychological measures, scales, tests, and other research instruments in Serbian. REPOPSI is maintained by researchers at the [Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences (LIRA)][3] at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. <br> @[toc]( ) ![repopsi]( =60%x) <br> We wanted to assemble in one place all of the psychological instruments which have been translated into Serbian and/or adapted for the Serbian population, as well as all of the psychological instruments which our researchers and students have developed (either in Serbian or in other languages). REPOPSI increases the visibility and availability of these instruments. Being a good starting point for any project, REPOPSI will help researchers and students quickly find the materials they need. <br> > REPOPSI currently contains **233** instrument records. Out of those, **121** are available in both Serbian and English (last update May 19, 2024) More records will be added as soon as they become available, so we invite you to check back for updates. <br> How to search REPOPSI ------------------------- ---------- >The easiest way to search the Repository is by using this interactive web app: >All of the instruments in the Repository are also listed in [this online spreadsheet](, available for viewing and downloading. >The Inventory is also in an [XLSX file][4] or in a [CSV file][5]. We recommend you download the files for easier access. When the instrument is openly available, the 'Where to find the instrument?' column in the app or the 'Instrument availability' column in online/XLSX/CSV inventories, will say 'Repository'. This means you can find the full version of that instrument in the Repository. The direct link to the instrument is provided in the 'Where to find the instrument?' column in the app or the 'Link to instrument in the Repository' in online/XLSX/CSV inventories. All of the instruments are stored as both **PDF** and **ODT** files. ODT is similar to DOCX format and can be opened by multiple programs such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer or LibreOffice Writer. Scoring and recoding code is also available for some of the instruments (e.g. as an SPSS syntax file). When the instrument is not openly available, you may contact the author via the provided email address to obtain the full version of the instrument. <br> <br> REPOPSI terms of use ------------ ---------- ![Cc-by-nc-sa][6] >The contents of REPOPSI are under the [Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)][7] license, unless otherwise specified. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license means that you can share and adapt the material solely for non-commercial purposes, as long as you give appropriate credit, indicate if changes were made, and distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. This means that you may use the instruments found in REPOPSI without permission for noncommercial clinical, research, and educational purposes provided you cite instrument authors. Citations can be found in the Inventory as well as in the document accompanying the full version of the instrument. Cite both the original and the translated version of the instrument; for example, "Belief in conspiracy theories was assessed with the Conspiracy Mentality Questionnaire (Bruder et al., 2013, Serbian version by Milošević-Đorđević et al., 2021)". <br> Contribute to REPOPSI ---------------------------- ---------- >If you would like for your instrument or an instrument translation/adaptation to be deposited into REPOPSI, please fill in this [online contribution form][8]. You may send new versions of the translations/adaptations that are already in REPOPSI. If you are unsure about the Terms of Use accompanying an instrument, please consult the original authors. If you would like to make changes to your original instrument or your instrument translation/adaption that is already in REPOPSI (e.g. add a new translation or a new citation), please email the Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences at <br> Acknowledging the use of REPOPSI - ---------- If you would like to acknowledge the use of this Repository, you may cite our paper: Lazić, A., Lazarević, Lj. B., Purić, D., & Žeželj, I. (2021). REPOPSI: The open repository of psychological instruments in Serbian. In N. Miljković, P. Pejović, & M. Cvetanović (Eds.), *Proceedings of the Third National Conference with International Participation titled Application of free software and open hardware PSSOH 2020* (pp. 51–56). University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering and Academic Mind. `Please note that this cites the entire Repository only.` To cite individual instruments / instrument translations use the reference provided in the instrument file. <br> REPOPSI team - ---------- [Aleksandra Lazić][9] (since 05-2019) 🏰 👩‍🏫 💡 🚧 💬 📝 {=148} [Lili Lazarević][10] (since 05-2019) 🏰 👩‍🏫 💡 [Danka Purić][11] (since 05-2019) 🏰 👩‍🏫 💡 [Iris Žeželj][12] (since 05-2019) 🏰 👩‍🏫 💡 [Obrad Vučkovac][13] (06-2022 – 01-2024) 👩‍🏫 💡 [Marija Petrović][14] (03-2020 – 09-2022) 📝 {=10} [Ana Ivanov][15] (03-2020 – 09-2022) 📝 {=5} [Mia Medojević][16] (03-2020 – 09-2022) 📝 {=7} [Jovan Ivanović][17] (06-2020 – 09-2022) 📝 {=6} [Aleksandar Milovanović][18] (11-2022 – 07-2023) 🔎 [Milica Damnjanović][19] (11-2022 – 08-2023) 🔎 [Milica Mitić][20] (11-2022 – 07-2023) 🔎 <br> Emoji key: 🏰 - founded REPOPSI; 👩‍🏫 - mentoring other team members; 💡 - ideas and planning; 🚧 - maintaining the Repository; 💬 - communicating with users; 📝 - depositing instruments {the number in brackets is the number of OSF components created}; 🔎 - searching for new instruments <br> <br> REPOPSI 2022 progress report - ---------- [Access REPOPSI's two-year report][21] and learn how the number of instruments in REPOPSI has increased over time and who the top contributors were. <br> REPOPSI in the Open Science community - ---------- ***Talks & Workshops*** June 2023 - [we held a workshop supported by the Open Science Community Serbia][22] March 2023 - [we presented at the Research Data Alliance 20th Plenary Meeting][23] November 2022 - [we presented at the Open Science Days IV][24] April 2022 - [we held a workshop supported by the Open Science Community Serbia][25] April 2021 - [we presented at the Research Data Alliance 17th Plenary Meeting][26] October 2020 - [we presented a conference paper at the Application of Free Software and Open Hardware Conference][27] [Access all our talks and workshops as well as other useful open materials that we have prepared.][28] <br> ***Recognitions & Grants*** In August 2023, REPOPSI received a [SIPS Commendation][29] from the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science. In October 2022, REPOPSI was awarded a €50,000 grant through the [Research Data Alliance (RDA) Open Calls][30] as part of the EOSC Future project. [Learn more about the activities and outputs of the nine-month REPOPSI improvement project][31]. In June 2022, REPOPSI was recognized as one of the good practices of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) from and for the Western Balkans, in response to a call organized by the [WBC-RRI.NET][32]. REPOPSI was featured on the [Western Balkans Info Hub website][33]. <br> ***REPOPSI in databases/registries*** Since January 2024, REPOPSI is listed in [OpenDOAR][34]. Since August 2023, REPOPSI appears in [the list of resources curated by FORRT][35]. In July 2023, REPOPSI was added as a new entry in the [ registry][36]. In July 2023, REPOPSI was registred as a new Resource in the [EOSC Portal][37]. Since May 2022, REPOPSI appears on [the map of repositories in Serbia curated by the National Open Science Portal][38]. Since November 2020, REPOPSI is listed in [][39]. <br> *** In 2021, the LIRA Lab has endorsed the [TRUST principles][40], which offer guidance for maintaining the trustworthiness of digital repositories. <br> #REPOPSI on social media ---------- ---------- Follow the hashtag #REPOPSI and the LIRA Lab account for occasional news and updates. On X/Twitter - [@LiraLab_Bgd][41] On Facebook - [][42] On LinkedIn - [][43] <br> Disclaimer ---------- ---------- The Repository of Psychological Instruments in Serbian (REPOPSI) is meant to serve as a resource for students and researchers. The Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences (LIRA) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and its researchers take no responsibility for the content of REPOPSI. The Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences (LIRA) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and its researchers take no responsibility for any actions taken by the users of REPOPSI. The Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences (LIRA) at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and its researchers do not guarantee that the translations found in REPOPSI are the only and/or official translations of the original instruments. In case you want anything in REPOPSI removed or changed, please email the Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences at <br> <br> [Terms of Use][44] | [Privacy Policy][45] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: [30]: [31]: [32]: [33]: [34]: [35]: [36]: [37]: [38]: [39]: [40]: [41]: [42]: [43]: [44]: [45]:
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