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Participating Research Groups ----------------------------- The following research groups participated in this Registered Replication Report project. Each of these labs conducted an independent replication of Schooler & Engstler-Schooler (1990) following the approved protocol. The link provided with each group goes to their OSF project webpage for the replication. There you can read a full description of how they implemented their study, a description of their results, and the data from their study or studies. These links all will be public after the study is published. **Amazon Mechanical Turk Variant** - [Robert B. Michael, Gregory Franco, Mevagh Sanson, Maryanne Garry][1] **Labs completing both RRR1 and RRR2** - [Victoria K. Alogna, Jamin Halberstadt, Jonathan Jong, Joshua C. Jackson, Cathy Ng][2] - [Stacy L. Birch][3] - [Angela R. Birt, Philip Aucoin][4] - [Maria A. Brandimonte][5] - [Curt A. Carlson, Dawn R. Weatherford, Maria A. Carlson][6] - [Kimberly S. Dellapaolera, Brian H. Bornstein][7] - [Jean-Francois Delvenne, Charity Brown, Emma Portch, Tara Zaksaite][8] - [Gerald Echterhoff, René Kopietz][9] - [Casey M. Eggleston, Calvin K. Lai, Elizabeth A. Gilbert][10] - [Daniel L. Greenberg, Marino A. Mugayar-Baldocchi][11] - [Andre Kehn, Kimberly Schweitzer, Bradlee W. Gamblin, Kimberly Wiseman, Narina L. Nunez][12] - [Christopher Koch, Remi Gentry, Jennifer Shaheed, Kelsi Buswell][13] - [Nicola Mammarella, Beth Fairfield, Alberto Di Domenico][14] - [Shannon K. McCoy, Arielle Rancourt][15] - [Abigail A. Mitchell, Marilyn S. Petro][16] - [Robin Musselman, Michael Colarusso][17] - [Christopher R. Poirier, Matthew K. Attaya, Kathleen A. McConnaughy, Jessica E. Pappagianopoulos, Griffin A. Sullivan][18] - [Eva Rubínová, Marek A. Vranka, Šteˇpán Bahník][19] - [Kyle J. Susa, Jessica K. Swanner, Christian A. Meissner][20] - [W. Burt Thompson][21] - [Joanna Ulatowska, Aleksandra Cislak][22] - [Kimberley A. Wade, Ulrike Körner, Melissa F. Colloff, Melina A. Kunar][23] **Labs completing RRR1 only** - [Simon Chu, John E. Marsh, Faye Skelton][24] - [John E. Edlund, Austin Lee Nichols][25] - [Fiona Gabbert, Tim Valentine][26] - [Fabio P. Leite][27] - [Alex H. McIntyre, Stephen R. H. Langton, Peter J. B. Hancock][28] - [Robert B. Michael, Gregory Franco, Mevagh Sanson, Maryanne Garry][29] - [Matthew A. Palmer, Aaron Drummond, James D. Sauer, Daniel V. Zuj, Glenys A. Holt, Miriam Rainsford, Lauren Hall, Liam Satchell][30] - [Peter P. J. L. Verkoeijen, Samantha Bouwmeester, Rolf A. Zwaan][31] - [Christopher A. Was, Dale Hirsch, Rachael Todaro, Connie Romig][32] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: [30]: [31]: [32]:
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