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This project has two sections - the first section looks at hospital admission, and was conceived around spring 2021 when there was a peak in COVID-19 hospital admissions, potentially because of unnessecary high admission levels. - the second section looks at hospital stay duration and in hospital mortality and was conceived in the december 2021 peak of COVID-19 infection and admissions. We explored the current situation in light of phase 2D, the phase before "code black" when (ICU) beds need to be allocated based on non medical criteria. [see also this link][1] This section resulted in [a publication in the NTVG][2], the leading Dutch medical journal.Make sure to read the [online supplement][3] for a detailed description of the methods. Each section has its own set of codes within the same github repo. please note that the code and data will not be update on this page, of via OSF as of early april 2022. The Dutch government has slowed relaxed the COVID countera, [including stopping the testing at central locations, arguing that at home test can suffice at this stage.][4] This means that the data we use for this project become less complete and therefore less reliable. The graph is updated until April 2022. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: