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**Original citation.** Cox, C.R., Arndt, J., Pyszczynski, T., Greenberg, J., Abdollahi, A., & Solomon, S. (2008). Terror management and adults' attachment to their parents: The safe haven remains. *Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 94*(4), 696-717. **Target of replication.** Our effect of interest in Experiment 6 is the finding that participants who scored low on avoidance but high on anxiety demonstrated an increased relative preference for a parent after MS as opposed to dental pain, b = -32.04, SE = 14.47, t = -2.22, p = .03. **A priori replication criteria.** A successful replication would indicate a significant interaction between MS (vs. dental pain) and time allocated to each relationship when attachment anxiety was high (1 SD above) and attachment avoidance was low (1 SD below); specifically, that participants randomly assigned to the MS condition would distribute more of their cell phone minutes to a parent than to any other relationship figures (romantic partner, close friend, sibling). Data collection is currently underway; this replication's findings and final report will follow.