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Michele Cammarosano =================== ---------- Post-doc, [Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale"][1]; PhD Naples 2012 **Area of expertise:** Hittitology, writing techniques **Contact:** michele.cammarosano AT gmail.com **CV** available [here][2] **Publications** (list & pdf) available [here][3] **Teaching materials** (pdf) available [here][4] ---------- Materials available @ **[Cuneiform Titbits][5]:** - [A Map of the Hittite World][6] - [The Hittite Royal House][7] - [Hittite Divine Names][8] - [How to Write Cuneiform][9] - [Cuneiform Writing Techniques][10] ---------- > Current research projects: > > > > > > - [Hittite Local Cults][11] > > - [Cuneiform on Wax][12] ![enter image description here][13] Left: the *[Camarasaurus][14]*, an old ancestor of Michele. Middle: with Stefano Tilia at Yazılıkaya, during the mission *[Hattuša 3D][15]*, October 2015 (photo by L. Repola). Right: digitizing the Mittani letter in the frame of the project *[3D-Joins und Schriftmetrologie][16]*, Berlin 2014. [1]: https://www.unior.it/ [2]: https://mfr.osf.io/render?url=https://osf.io/fj6ek/?action=download%26mode=render [3]: https://osf.io/vj2e8/wiki/home/?view [4]: https://osf.io/jxqhe/files/ [5]: https://osf.io/ghazk/wiki/home/ [6]: https://cuneiform.neocities.org/MHW/map.html [7]: https://osf.io/j7b3x/ [8]: https://cuneiform.neocities.org/HDN/start.html [9]: https://cuneiform.neocities.org/CWT/howtowritecuneiform.html [10]: https://cuneiform.neocities.org/CWT/CWT.html [11]: https://osf.io/tfzke/wiki/home/?view [12]: https://osf.io/urpuf/wiki/home/?view [13]: https://mfr.osf.io/export?url=https://osf.io/zeckp/?action=download&direct&mode=render&initialWidth=660&childId=mfrIframe&format=1200x1200.jpeg [14]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camarasaurus [15]: https://www.int-arch-photogramm-remote-sens-spatial-inf-sci.net/XLII-5-W1/395/2017/ [16]: http://www.cuneiform.de/fortschritte/messungen-an-keilschrifttafeln.html
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