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**Training Materials** Data security: Guide to sharing data securely - An overview of different tools to use for different use cases of sharing data. Data security: Password Security - What is a good password? Data security: Password Managers - How to use password managers? Data security: Encryption 101 - The basics of encryption including different types of encryption. Data security: Disk encryption (Introduction) - An introduction to encrypting files using VeraCrypt. | Research Ethics: IRB & Human subjects - An overview of required approvals before commencing primary data collection. Research Ethics: Informed consent - The importance of obtaining informed consent and the contents of informed consent. Data security: Encryption on SurveyCTO - An overview and hands on application of encrypting survey forms on SurveyCTO. **Authors** Kristoffer Bjarkefur, Luiza Cardoso de Andrade, Maria Jones, and Roshni Khincha