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This repository contains the pre-registration forms and deviations from pre-registrations for the studies outlined in the pre-print, [How Does Dialect Exposure Affect Learning to Read and Spell? An Artificial Orthography Study][1]. This work is currently under review at *Journal of Experimental Psychology: General*. Preregistration forms: - [Experiment 1][2] (3 Repeated Blocks, Reading Only). - [Experiments 2a and 2b][3] (3 Blocks, Reading and Writing, Transparent and Opaque Orthographies). - [Experiment 3][4] (6 Blocks, Reading and Writing, Opaque Orthography). Find the [source code][5] as well as all [data and analysis code][6] for this experiment on GitHub. A demo of the experiment with a vastly smaller number of items (for speed of demonstration) can be found [here][7]. Please note that the Experiments are labelled in the linked data and code as follows: - Experiment 0: Experiment 1 - Experiment 1: Experiment 2a - Experiment 2: Experiment 2b - Experiment 3: Experiment 3 The change in labelling for the paper was simply taken as a means to highlight the similarities between the two studies labelled 2a and 2b (i.e. they only differ by depth of orthography). [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: