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![enter image description here][1] The Guttmacher Institute is a leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) worldwide. Guttmacher Institute OSF: ---------- **Global Abortion Incidence Dataset** The Global Abortion Incidence Dataset is a comprehensive dataset of abortion data from 1990 to 2018, which provides the first global compilation of national level abortion data and information on data sources and quality. This data is used in the Guttmacher Institute model that produces global, regional, subregional, and national estimates of abortion and unintended pregnancy. Associated papers, presentations, etc. can be found here: Bearak, J.M., Popinchalk, A., Sedgh, G. et al. Pregnancies, abortions, and pregnancy intentions: a protocol for modeling and reporting global, regional and country estimates. Reprod Health 16, 36 (2019). Bearak J, Popinchalk A, Ganatra B, et al. Unintended pregnancy and abortion by income, region, and the legal status of abortion: estimates from a comprehensive model for 1990-2019. Lancet Glob Health 2020;8:e1152–61. Popinchalk A, Beavin C, Bearak J. The state of global abortion data: an overview and call to action. BMJ Sex Reprod Health 2022;48:3–6. Bearak JM, Popinchalk A, Beavin C, et al. Country-specific estimates of unintended pregnancy and abortion incidence: a global comparative analysis of levels in 2015–2019. BMJ Global Health. In Press. Contact: For any further questions about this project contact Anna Popinchalk ( Anna Popinchalk, Cynthia Beavin, Lorraine Kwok, and Jonathan Bearak led the creation of this dataset, with contributions from Bela Ganatra, Ann-Beth Moller, Ozge Tuncalp, Gilda Sedgh, Evert Ketting, Tamrin Lever, Leontine Alkema, and Tesfaye Tufa. [1]: