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Data & code (linked to bobaseb/neural_sim_measures Github repository). Beta coefficients (4D) and native masks for each participant have their own zip file. Participant numbering reflects participants that were excluded in the original studies. Class labels in PyMVPA format are included with each participant (GS study, raw fMRI data from original study at or in the file (NI study, raw fMRI data from original study at The file in each study's folder are the masks in MNI space. The mixed models were run in R and use the "reduced" version of the ROI results. The reduced csv files are just averaged across crossvalidation runs. Searchlight results are also included as compressed zip files for each study; formatted as .npy (Numpy) files after decompression. Zip files with the _intermediate suffix have the raw output from the neural similarity analysis; numpy files per brain region which contain test accuracies, validation accuracies, number of features from classifier feature selection, which run was used for validation, spearman correlations, spearman p-values, pairwise similarities per measure, and number of features from feature selection per similarity measure.