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# social-configural-dynamics Social and configural effects on the cognitive dynamics of perspective-taking This repo contains the data and code for the analyses presented in our manuscript, Galati, A., Dale, R., & Duran, N. D. (submitted). Social and configural effects on the cognitive dynamics of perspective-taking. A pre-print can be found at: If you have any questions, please email me at Link to OSF repository : <b>Overview</b> The "Data" folder contains: <ul><li>subfolders for each of the 3 experiments in this study (Exp 1A, Exp 1B, Exp 2) with the raw data as .txt files from each participant</li> <li>a subfolder with the data of the follow-up experiments (follow-ups to Exp 1 and to Exp 2) in a single .csv file.</li></ul> The "Code" folder contains: <ul><li> batchTrajectoryAnalysis.R files: code for processing the raw data from mouse-tracking to generate the dependent measures</li> <li>churnedRawTrajectoryData.R files: output files generated from batchTrajectoryAnalysis.R files, which are loaded to run linear mixed effects modes</li> <li> Code_LMERs.R files: code for obtaining the descriptives and running the linear mixed effects models reported in the paper</li> <li> Followups.R files: code for analyzing the data of the follow-up experiments</li></ul> The "Stims" folder contains: <ul><li>folders with the experimental lists used in Exp 1A/B and Exp2</li> <li>folders containing screenshots of the unique configurations from Exps 1A/B and 2, used in the follow-up experiments</li></ul> <b>Notes</b> For viewing the files in a browser, we recommend selecting the .md files, rather than the corresponding .Rmd files. (Analyses should be run using the .Rmd file of the same name in RStudio.) <b>Acknowledgments</b> This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 705037 to Alexia Galati. We are participating in the Pilot for Open Research Data in Horizon 2020.
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