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This component contains two main folders, (1) Acoustic data, and (2) Data for statistical analyses. **Acoustic data:** The ZIP folder contains contains all Praat outputs. They are individual text files with the acoustic analysis for each recording (1895 in total), in a ZIP file. The name of each file includes all coding necessary to preciscely identify each recording. Each name is composed of 7 *portions*, separated by underscore ( _ ) symbols. E.g. ***F_A_04_Con_OS_Att_01.txt***. The meaning and interpretation of each portion is explained below. ![enter image description here][1] **1. Participant sex** = coded as Either “M” (male) or “F” (female). **2. Group** = group to which the participant was randomly assigned, according the odour they were exposed in the experimental condition. Coded as either “A” (high quality body odour – “HQ”), “B” (high quality body odour + androstadienone - “HQ+And”), “C” (low quality body odour – “LQ”), or “D” (low quality body odour + androstadienone – “LQ+And”). **3. Participant number** = numbered 01 to 10. When combined with participant sex and group, unambiguously identifies each participant. **4. Condition** = coded as Either “Con” (control – no odour) or “Exp” (experimental - odour). **5. Target sex** = sex of the target stimulus the participant was responding to in this recording. Coded as “OS” (opposite-sex) or “SS” (same-sex). **6. Target attractiveness** = attractiveness category of the target stimulus the participant was responding to in this recording. Coded as “Att” (attractive taget) or “Una” (unattractive target). **7. Target number** = numbered 01 to 12 according to their sex and attractiveness rank. Targets numbered 01 to 06 were men, and targets 07 to 12 were women. Also, targets 01 to 03, and 07 to 09 were attractive, while targets 04 to 06, and 10 to 12, were categorised as unattractive. As an example, the file ***F_A_04_Con_OS_Att_01.txt*** correspond to a recording made by the Female from group A (HQ) number 4, in the control condition (no odour present), to the ooposite sex (male), attractive target number 01. **Data for statistical analyses** This folder contains two files: **1. Database.csv:** All data compiled from individual Praat files, using [this R script][2] (see raw files and codebook in the Acoustic data folder). **2. Attractiveness Ratings.csv:** attractiveness ratings given by each participant, to each target stimuli, in each condition. [1]: [2]: