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Using the OSF as a Researcher ------ The OSF can help you during any part of the research lifecycle. Choose a path above to learn what features can best assist you. Clicking on a particular topic will provide further detail. Have a question? Check our [FAQs][1] or send an email to support@osf.io ### 1. **[Store your work][2]** The Open Science Framework (OSF) brings your research into a manageable, secure cloud environment. The OSF ensures you and colleagues can access what you need, when you need it, whenever you need it. Web-based project management reduces the likelihood of losing study materials due to computer malfunction, changing personnel, or just forgetting where you put the damn thing. ### 2. **[Collaborate with your colleagues][3]** With the OSF, your work is preserved and easily accessible to only those people that should have access. Make sure that everyone is working with the correct, up-to-date files by sharing via OSF. Never lose files again when someone leave the team or lab. ### 3. **[Make your work citable][4]** The OSF can be used to share manuscripts, unpublished findings, materials, and in-progress work. The OSF makes all of it citable so that your impact is measured and you get credit for your work. ### 4. **[Measure your impact][5]** The OSF provides tools to help you measure your impact more broadly than the slow accumulation of article citations. [1]: https://osf.io/faq/ [2]: https://osf.io/4znzp/wiki/Storing%20work%20on%20the%20OSF/ [3]: https://osf.io/4znzp/wiki/Collaborating%20using%20the%20OSF/ [4]: https://osf.io/4znzp/wiki/Making%20work%20citable%20using%20the%20OSF/ [5]: https://osf.io/4znzp/wiki/Measuring%20impact%20using%20the%20OSF/
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