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Making work citable using the OSF


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The Open Science Framework (OSF) can be used to share manuscripts, unpublished findings, materials, and in progress work. OSF makes all of it citable so that you can have impact and get credit. ## Follow these steps to make your work citable: ### 1. [Make your project public][1]. Update your project's privacy settings so that visitors can view, cite, and discuss your research. ### 2. [Tag your project][2]. Increase discoverability of your work by tagging it with relevant keywords. ### 3. [Reference your unique ID][3]. Every project, component, and file on the OSF has a persistent and unique URL. Expand the citation widget on your project's overview page to find a pre-formatted citation for your work. ### 4. [Obtain a DOI][4]. After creating a [registration][5], request a DOI for your project for others to cite your work. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: