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**Abstract:** Many languages have pairs of additive markers that exhibit a common morphological core. In this paper I focus on the Romanian pair "si" versus "nici" and offer an analysis that derives their distribution. Specifically, I offer a uniform analysis that has both markers making the same underlying contribution, namely additivity. The negative polarity behavior of the negative particle "nici" can be derived as soon as we assume that the prefix "ni", used elsewhere to create neg-words, makes a uniform contribution. Lastly, I offer a glimpse at how the other uses of "nici" (scalar particle, neg-word particle) can be derived and conclude with a number of open questions and directions for future research. **Sinn und Bedeutung 2020**: You will find the slides as well as a 28 minute video presentation accompanying the slides. **TLLM 2020**: You can find the presentation slides as well as a pre-final draft of the proceedings paper.