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Notes from the manuscript: - Meta_numbers_final.xlsx includes all citations that were found when searching for articles (separated into used and not used tabs). Other information provided includes type of group analyzed, variables analyzed, scale for the variable, comparison type, and raw numbers. - meta_data.csv includes the information used to calculate the information provided in the manuscript. Notes on how to recreate our work: - To recreate the manuscript, you will need to download the manuscript files folder and run the Rmarkdown within that folder (you can open this file with RStudio). - We suggest starting by searching for "library" within our document to install the proper libraries to match our markdown. We tried to keep most of them in the top chunk! - All documents must be kept in the same folder for the markdown to run properly. - Additionally, the manuscript PDF version requires the use of LaTeX, however, if you change line 46 from: `output : papaja::apa6_pdf` to `output : papaja::apa6_word` you can create a word document version of our manuscript that does not require LaTeX to be installed.