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Category: Project

Description: The aim of this project is to synthesise a RAFT initiator on a glassy carbon surface. The purpose of the initiators is to use them in a photocatalytic polymerisation of polymer brushes in water. The project will start to focus on two potential methods. Method 1 uses a disulfide diazonium salt as a grafting agent. By reducing the disulfide will cleave the disulfide, leaving a monolayer of the grafting agent. The thiolate might then react with carbondisulfide to form trithiocarbonate, which can react with a benzylic position to form a RAFT agent. Method 2 is another approach to form a RAFT agent. Diethylcarbamodithioate (DEDTC) will be added on the benzylic position in 1-(chloromethyl)-4-nitrobenzene. This will then be grafted on a surface. See "Home" under "Wiki" for an illustrative overview of the project.


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