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This table of contents links to preprints from ["Ensuring Access to Government Information,"][1] a special issue of *Against the Grain* (v29 #6 December 2017/January 2018). The issue was guest edited by Lynda Kellam and Shari Laster. [Ensuring Access to Government Information][2] – p. 1 by Shari Laster and Lynda Kellam [“Issued for Gratuitous Distribution”][3] – p. 12 The History of Fugitive Documents and the FDLP by James R. Jacobs [State of State Documents][4] – p. 18 by Susanne Caro [The Collaborative Federal Depository Program][5] – p. 22 ASERL’s Plan for Managing FDLP Collections in the Southeast by Cheryle Cole-Bennett [The HathiTrust Federal Documents Program][6] – p. 23 Towards a Digital U.S. Federal Documents Library at Scale by Heather Christenson [Federal Documents Archive][7] – p. 26 A Model for Preserving and Providing Access to U.S. Documents at The University of California by Jesse Silva [End of Term 2016 Presidential Web Archive][8] – p. 27 by Mark E. Phillips and Kristy K. Phillips [Maintaining Access to Public Data][9] – p. 30 Lessons from Data Refuge by Margaret Janz [Documentation as Data Rescue][10] – p. 33 Restoring a Collection of Canadian Health Survey Files by Kristi Thompson [Data Mirror: Complementing Data Producers][11] – p. 35 by John Chodacki [Preservation of Electronic Government Information (PEGI) Project]( – p. 36 by Roberta Sittel [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: