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Visualizing Digital Scholarship in Libraries and Learning Spaces - Grant Outcomes === Visual Content -- > We created a [Youtube playlist][1] of all the visualization projects > to increase access and also to capture the display of the works. **Tally Tracker Explorer** - a game-based virtual reality experience uncovering the hidden web of trackers, bots, and data provenance as we skim the internet. * Preview - * Download - * Project documentation - **Community Gardens** - an interactive data-driven generative art installation that uses gardens as a metaphor to discuss food and housing insecurity based on data from the NC State University student body * Viewable online - [][2] * Project documentation - **Surface Tension** - a visualization that maps streamflow data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in real time across the US, highlighting humanity's fraught relationship with fresh water * Viewable online - * Project documentation - **Coded Glass** - digital stained glass windows of protest signs, emojis, and hashtags from the #metoo movement as a form of data visualization and metaphor for creating communal sacred spaces * Viewable online - * Project documentation - **Tess-Celestial** - tessellations that explore the interplay of art, nature, culture, shape, perspective, and math in our everyday lives * Viewable online - * Project documentation - **Photogrammetry models** * Compiled in UC-Berkeley's [documentation hub][3] Evaluation and validation of new forms of scholarship -- Assessment framework for reviewing technical aspects of a visualization * Reference document to use as a tool in describing new forms of scholarship in promotion and tenure * Best practices summary for promotion committees reviewing new forms of research products * Contributorship Methodology that we utilized for this project as a model for others * Lowering technical barriers for immersive and large scale projects --- **Resources** *Raleigh Statement on Good Practices for Developing Experiential Scholarship Projects* * *A Common Framework for Planning Visualization Environments* * **Tools, systems, and infrastructure** * Glider - a simple web-based framework for creating interactive distributed applications that leverage large-scale display walls. This framework provides a modular, extensible toolkit for users with a broad range of technical expertise, content, and applications * * Collectome - A content-sharing platform to facilitate the building of a community of practice around tiled video walls or similar large-format displays. * * 3Deposit - A 3D-content storage, distribution, and management platform for academic libraries * * GridVW - Content client for large-scale visualization displays * * Project Ginger - A web utility to create web-embeddable virtual reality tours from 360 photos * * VAST - an open source web framework extending the responsive web to large-scale display systems * Publications --- *Immersive Scholar: A Guidebook for Documenting and Publishing Experiential Scholarship Works.* Mann, Abigail E and Micah Vandegrift. []( *Managing Digital Scholarship Projects at Many Levels: The Immersive Scholar Cohort, Residencies, and the Shift to “Project Development.* Shelby Hallman, Erica Y. Hayes, Walt Gurley, Micah Vandegrift. Forthcoming from [Interdisciplinary Digital Engagement in Arts & Humanities (IDEAH)]( *Proceedings of Liberact V conference (Nov 2019)* * Gathered in the [documentation hub][4] *Immersive Scholar: Development, Documentation, Display, and Dissemination of Experiential Research* * Presentation and project report given to the Coalition of Networked Information, [available on YouTube][5]. *Immersive Scholar: A Landscape Analysis of Scholarly Forms, Impacts, and Collaborations.* * Consultant report on the state of the field from Lynnee Argabright, [available on the LIS Scholarship Archive][6]. A collection of press releases is available in Conifer - []( [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: