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**Guide to scripts and data:** The R script and data (in .csv format), and the .JASP file for calculating the BFs can be found in the folder ''. This zip folder contains the following files: - **SocialDominanceScriptOSF.R** (full script for our main sample, also contains information about datafiles and variable names) - **199OSF.csv** (confirmatory sample) - **191OSF.csv** (main sample, but with stricter inclusion criteria) - **231OSF.csv** (main sample, but with outliers and overtested participants left in) - **199questionnaires.csv** (raw questionnaire data for confirmatory sample) - **LEdataOSF.csv** (sample that was asked the life expectancy question, which was added to the questionnaire later) - **SocialDominanceBFs.jasp** (calculation of Bayes Factors, opens with JASP and contains both data and analyses) - **US_Script.R** (script of analyses US (pilot) data) - **USOSF.csv** (US (pilot) data)