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## Analysis Procedures ## Analysis scripts were written while the coder (Edison Choe) and Editor (Simons) were blind to the data from participating laboratories. Eli Finkel and the lead lab provided input on the analysis plan. Finkel was blind to all data, and the lead lab knew only of their own study but had not formally analyzed their data. Some aspects of the analysis script differs from the analyses specified in the protocol (due to suggested improvements in the statistical procedures), so we registered this page and the new scripts before examining the data. Each laboratory used a Dropbox link to upload their Qualtrics output (in csv format) after adding a column to indicate their exclusions. These files were not viewed until after the completion of all of the analysis scripts. The analysis script takes the csv files as input and then runs all of the analyses and meta-analyses directly on those data files. Individual laboratories were given a version of the script that provided results for their own study. Those output files are available from each lab's OSF page. ## csv data files ## All the data files from participating laboratories are available from the files section. Note that the data file for the Ackerman_Kane lab modified the field for year in school for a few participants to mask identities. Anyone needing unchanged data can contact the Editor or that lab for more information. csv files used in the analysis: [zip archive][1]. **UPDATE**: After registering the analysis procedures and data on May 11, 2016, we found a few problems with the data files while conducting a test run of the meta-analysis script. One file had a special character at the start of the file that caused the script to crash. Another lab inadvertently uploaded a version of their file that included no-shows and practices runs with their RAs. We corrected those errors. None of the other data were changed in any way. We also renamed the data files so that each file was named after the first author from that lab. That way, the order of labs in the figures and tables will match that of the manuscript appendix. We uploaded a new zipped archive of the csv files in the files pane. The older versions are still available from the pre-registration document. ## Analysis scripts ## The analysis R scripts were coded by Edison Choe and a slightly earlier version was reviewed by the Center for Open Science. One script provides analyses for individual labs and the other two are required for the meta-analyses. The scripts take the raw data files as input and produce all of the statistical output and figures. Lab Analysis file: [R file][2] Meta-analysis files: [Main scripts][3] | [necessary functions][4] [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
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