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The documents describe the classification method used in the following publication: Krukar, J., Muenzer, S., Lörch, L., Anacta, V.J.A., Fuest, S., and Schwering, A. (2018) Distinguishing Sketch Map Types: A Flexible Feature-based Classification. Spatial Cognition 2018 Conference. - **Method-ver1-de.pdf:** this is the exact file used for the classification described in the paper (in German). - **Method-ver1-eng.pdf:** a simplified English translation of the above. - **Method-ver2-de.pdf:** this is a revised version of the classification scheme. Currently work-in-progress (in German). Comments (e.g. through the Comment option) are welcome. If you are working on the extension or evaluation of this framework, and would like your work to be included in this repository, please get in touch. **Data and code** are available via the [attached GitHub repository]( You can modify and execute the code in your browser by clicking this button: [![Binder](](