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### Slides for talks that [Corina Logan]( has given... ***How to increase the value of your research by making it verifiable*** - 2020-03-02 [Open Science Days](, Max Planck Digital Library, Berlin - 2019-12-10 [Open Access Ambassadors Workshop](, Max Planck Society & Digital Library, Berlin - 2019-08-13 [Seminar](, eScience Institute, University of Washington ***[How to increase the value of your research](*** - 2019-05-23 Open Science Kick-off, MPI CBS, Leipzig, Germany - 2019-07-10 Open Science MOOC Module 1: Open Principles 2021-06-28 ***[How Peer Community in Registered Reports lets researchers take back control of the publishing process](*** webinar, Reproducible Research Oxford [[video](] 2019-05-15 ***[Doing science forward: Peer review of preregistrations at Peer Community In](*** seminar, MPI EVA, Leipzig, Germany 2018-11-30 ***[Research careers in a rapidly changing academic environment](*** TODOS seminar, Tromso, Norway 2018-11-28 ***[We won't be #BulliedIntoBadScience](*** Munin Conference, Tromso, Norway 2018-08-02 ***[How publishing peer review histories alongside articles promotes ethical publishing practices.](*** Joint Statistical Meetings, Vancouver, BC 2017_Poster ***[Is behavioral flexibility evidence of complex cognition?](*** Behaviour (conference), Portugal, August AND LeadNet, Berlin 2018 2017-06-26 ***[The walls of my invisible box.](*** The Pivot Point event on how to change academic culture, University of Cambridge Graduate Union 2017-03-30 ***[Open peer review: what is it and what does it achieve?](*** How to get the most out of modern peer review, Office of Scholarly Communications, University of Cambridge 2017-03-24 ***[How the Elsevier Big Deal sparked a rampage at Cambridge.](*** Department of Zoology Seminar Day, University of Cambridge 2016-08-02 ***[Researchers are terrible business people...but we don't have to be.](*** Department of Zoology Postdoc Seminar Series, University of Cambridge 2011 ***[Essay writing workshop](*** for final year undergraduates, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge