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The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated public health recommendations suddenly and severely limited the availability and accessibility of clinical learning opportunities and experiences for students pursuing a doctoral degree in audiology. The Clinical Audiology Simulation Software (CLASS) is a new internet-based tool that can be used to teach and develop clinical techniques and understanding in students, as these skills may be underdeveloped by the reduced availability of clinical opportunities. This presentation will provide an overview of ASHA clinical simulation requirements and will demonstrate and discuss how educators can use the CLASS program to 1) address concerns with specific clinical techniques, 2) practice developing clinical competence by gaining clinical simulation hours, and 3) supplement in-person and remote classroom instruction. The CLASS program provides an opportunity for students to identify clinical skills that need improvement, gain clinical experience, and engage in hands-on learning, even when in-person clinical experiences are limited or restricted by unforeseen circumstances. | Contact: | Availability: May 3rd: any time except 2:30-3:30PM ET May 4th: any time May 5th: any time I would also be happy to schedule a live demonstration of the CLASS program with any interested individuals/programs. Please send me an email if you would like to do this! | Shae D. Morgan, Ph.D., Au.D., CCC-A He/him/his ________________________________________________________________________________ Meet with me during the meeting! (MS Teams) ----------------------- [Click here to join the meeting][1] ________________________________________________________________________________ [1]:,%22Oid%22:%22a435e041-910b-496b-aa82-fbd3adedd37c%22%7D