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## Supplemental Material ## This page provides supplemental material for Yap, Wortman, Anusic, Baker, Scherer, Donnellan & Lucas (in press, JPSP). The final manuscript version of this paper is deposited here, along with the supplemental material referenced in the text. #### Effect Sizes from Prior Studies The document 'effectSizes.pdf' provides a list of the early studies examining mood effects on life satisfaction judgments, along with our attempts to calculate effect sizes from the reported results. Because these early papers often did not report descriptive statistics, calculating effect sizes requires additional steps and is sometimes not possible. These additional steps are described in the document. #### Discussion of Weather Conditions in Schwarz and Clore (1983) One concern about replication studies is the fidelity with which they reproduce the original conditions. When examining the effects of weather on mood and life satisfaction, this is especially difficult. Schwarz and Clore reported few details about the weather conditions in the original study, though they argue that these specific details are critical for the study (Schwarz and Clore, 2003). This document attempts to identify potential days when the study could have taken place, along with the weather conditions on those days. We do this to provide some comparison for the weather that occurred on the days chosen for our own study. The discussion of these issues is presented in the document 'weather.pdf'. #### Additional Analyses from Study 8 As noted in the paper, we conducted additional analyses to address concerns about the additional questions that were asked of some participants. These analyses are presented in the document ''. #### Full Materials The studies reported in the paper were often embedded in larger studies with additional materials. These additional materials came after the primary study, and they were not analyzed for the current project. In addition, some studies included personality questionnaires before the primary manipulation. Readers may be interested in the full set of measures that was administered, so these measures are provided in the folder 'StudyMaterials'. #### Data The data from all studies except Study 4 are presented in the folder 'FinalData'. A request to post data from Study 4 has been made to the relevant IRB, and these data will be added if that request is approved. An R script for reproducing the results in the papers is provided in the document 'analysis.R'. #### Meta-analysis The analysis.R script above also creates a table of all results from our studies. The script 'finalMetaAnalysis.R' adds effect sizes from the early studies we could identify and runs a series of meta-analyses on these data. This script provides details about the results reported in the paper and also will allow readers to test alternative models.
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