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# Zurich Cognitive Language Processing Corpus 2.0 ZuCo 2.0 is a new dataset of simultaneous eye-tracking and electroencephalography during natural reading and during annotation. This corpus contains gaze and brain activity data of 739 sentences, 349 in a normal reading paradigm and 390 in a task-specific paradigm, in which the 18 participants actively search for a semantic relation type in the given sentences as a linguistic annotation task. This dataset is complementary to the Zurich Cognitive Language Processing Corpus (ZuCo 1.0), which is available [here](https://osf.io/q3zws/) and describes in [this publication](https://www.nature.com/articles/sdata2018291). Both datasets are provided in the same formats. The only difference is that ZuCo 1.0 is provided in .mat v7 format and ZuCo 2.0 is provided in .mat v7.3 files. The paper describing ZuCo 2.0 in detail: https://arxiv.org/abs/1912.00903 ## Recording sequence The blocks were recorded in the following order: NR_1 TSR_1 NR_2 | TSR_2 NR_3 TSR_3 NR_4 | TSR_4 NR_5 TSR_5 NR_6 | TSR_6 NR_7 TSR_7 „|“ marks breaks for EEG impedance testing. Eye-tracking was validated before each block. ## Overlap with ZuCo 1.0 Approx. 100 sentences of each task from ZuCo 1.0 were selected to be recorded again for ZuCo 2.0 to allow for cross-dataset analyses. The setnences from the following blocks overlap with ZuCo 1.0: nr_1.csv nr_7.csv tsr_1.csv tsr_7.csv
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