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**Please follow the link to the materials of the published article:** [][1] ======================== (This component will not be updated) Supplemental Material for CHAPTER4 ================================== The supplemental material to Chapter 4 contains: 1. **Quadratic Discriminant Analysis:** QDA code by (c) 2006 by [Max Little]( Homepage) used in: > M.A. Little, P.E. McSharry, I.M. Moroz, S.J. Roberts (2006). > Nonlinear, Biophysically-Informed Speech Pathology Detection in > Proceedings of IEEE ICASSP 2006, IEEE Publishers: Toulouse, France. 2. **Extract features from speech signal:** Matlab scripts used to create Figures 4.x 3. **bAk-dAk:** Speech continua created by the [Praat]( program that were used in the experiment. Features of the speech signal were extracted from these stimuli. The Open Science Framework project page for this chapter's supplemental materials is [here]( and may be cited as: Hasselman, F., (2014). Beyond The Boundary - 4th Chapter: Supplemental Materials. Retrieved from Open Science Framework, A `pdf` file of Chapter 4 is [here]( and may be cited as: [1]: