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**Project outline for 2011_2** *Keywords: psych verbs; emotion verbs; trials of the heart; Korean* ---------- **Overview:** Subjects decided who caused each of a series of emotional events. Native Korean speakers in Korean. **Publications:** Hartshorne, O'Donnell, Sudo, Uruwashi, Lee, and Snedeker (in press). Psych verbs, the Linking Problem, and the Acquisition of Language. Data for Exp. 4. **Team:** 1. Joshua Hartshorne 2. Jesse Snedeker 3. Miseon Lee **Data Collection:** **Description** Participants were 34 Korean-speakers ages 24-41 (M=30, SD=5) who were recruited and tested online ( Additional participants who did not complete the test, who were not native speakers of Korean, or who reported having already done the experiment were excluded. Stimuli consisted of 40 fear-type and 40 frighten-type verbs in Korean, compiled by the authors, as well as 10 fillers. All the Korean frighten-type verbs and half the fear-type verbs had subjects in nominative case and objects in accusative case. The remaining Korean fear-type verbs require both arguments to be in nominative case. **Notes:** Two trial orders were used