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### Welcome to the home page for the [SAA]( Open Science Interest Group Here you can find documents and resources relating to the OSIG's activities. We have a low-volume email list you can join here: There is also an SAA e-community page here: []( To post your pre-print at the Socarxiv, [start here]( #### News and Events - SAA2021 OSIG Sponsored Forum: [Teaching Integrity in Empirical Archaeology.]( See [page 124]( of the program. - SAA2021 OSIG Sponsored Workshop: [Teaching Integrity in Empirical Archaeology.]( See [page 30]( of the program. - SAA2019 OSIG Sponsored Workshop: [Transparent and Open Archaeological Science Using R]( See [page 10]( of the program - SAA2019 OSIG sponsored session "Practical Approaches to Identifying Evolutionary Processes in the Archaeological Record", See [page 26]( of the program. Several completely new R packages were debuted in this session: [cTransmission]( by Enrico Crema, Anne Kandler and Clémentine Straub, [signatselect]( by Ben Marwick and Liying Wang, and one from Clemens Schmid: [popgenerator]( - SAA2018 OSIG Sponsored workshop: [Data Carpentry for archaeologists]( at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History - SAA2017 OSIG Sponsored Workshop: [Learning to use R for archaeological science]( Also see See page 9 of the [program]( - SAA2017 OSIG Sponsored Forum on using R for archaeological science: Current applications. See the [online edited volume]( and page 21 of the [program]( #### Documents and Publications - Published in 2020: "How to Use Replication Assignments for Teaching Integrity in Empirical Archaeology", by Ben Marwick, Liying Wang, Ryan Robinson, and Hope Loiselle, published in _[Advances in Archaeological Practice](, [preprint]( - The OSIG initiative on [organising and running low-cost or free online, distributed scholarly meetings]( - Study of the use of the R programming language in archaeological science by Sophie Schmidt and Ben Marwick, [Tool-Driven Revolutions in Archaeological Science]( published in the _Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology_, [preprint]( - [Project documentation]( to award [COS badges]( for open science practices to SAA meeting presentations - [Motion to direct the SAA to require authors of research publications in SAA journals to share data openly on trustworthy public repositories ]( - a draft for consideration by the [SAA Publications Committee]( - Study of the archaeological ethics of open research practices by Marwick and Wang [How to align disciplinary ideals with actual practices: Transparency and openness in archaeological science](, pre-print under review for the edited volume _Digital Heritage and Archaeology in Practice_ - Study of data sharing and citation in archaeology by Marwick & Pilaar Birch, in _Advances in Archaeological Practice_: [preprint]( and [published paper]( - Online edited volume [_How To Do Archaeological Science Using R_]( with eight chapters of case studies, fully reproducible with code included. - Group manifesto for the SAA Archaeological Record: "Open Science in Archaeology", [preprint]( and published [paper]({%22issue_id%22:440506,%22page%22:10}) in [_The SAA Archaeological Record_]({%22issue_id%22:440506,%22page%22:10}) - [Proposal and petition for the establishment of the OSIG]( - [FAQ about sharing data and code]( #### Logo - We have a simple heaxgonal logo that shows icons for text, code, data, version control and links, contained in a document. This reflects our ideal form of scholarly communication, where a journal article or book chapter contains links to data and version controlled code deposited in a trustworthy repository. ![enter image description here][1] [1]: