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# Project files description See [Online Supplement.pdf](/29ydb/files/Online%20Supplement.pdf) for extended simulation results. There is now an R package that implements the methods in this paper: See demonstration scripts below. R scripts: - Simulation studies: 1. [new_01_sim_resid.R](/29ydb/files/new_01_sim_resid.R): Simulation study 1 script 1. [new_02_sim_resid.R](/29ydb/files/new_02_sim_resid.R): Simulation study 2 script 1. [new_03_sim_resid.R](/29ydb/files/new_03_sim_resid.R): Simulation study 3 script 2. new_0X_sim_resid_loo.R: where X in {2, 3} are simulations 2 and 3 repeated with LOOCV as suggested by a reviewer - Data demonstrations using minorbsem package: 1. [mb_setup.R](/29ydb/files/mb_setup.R): minorbsem setup script 2. [demo_hs_mb.R](/29ydb/files/demo_hs_mb.R): Holzinger-Swineford example 3. [demo_pd_mb.R](/29ydb/files/demo_pd_mb.R): Political Democracy example 4. [demo_norton_mb.R](/29ydb/files/demo_norton_mb.R): HADS example 1. [norton_mat.csv](/29ydb/files/norton_mat.csv): HADS covariance input - Data demonstrations using CmdStan: 1. [demo_hs.R](/29ydb/files/demo_hs.R): Holzinger-Swineford example 2. [demo_pd.R](/29ydb/files/demo_pd.R): Political Democracy example 3. [demo_norton.R](/29ydb/files/demo_norton.R): HADS example 1. [norton_mat.csv](/29ydb/files/norton_mat.csv): HADS covariance input - `AERA_23/test_paper.R`: Holzinger-Swineford example (AERA version) Stan scripts: - Main scripts: 1. [cfa.stan](/29ydb/files/cfa.stan): standard CFA, no Psi matrix. 1. [cfa_resid_lkj.stan](/29ydb/files/cfa_resid_lkj.stan): CFA, seprataion-strategy Psi 1. [cfa_resid_nrm.stan](/29ydb/files/cfa_resid_nrm.stan): CFA, normal hierarchical model for Psi 1. [sem.stan](/29ydb/files/sem.stan): standard SEM, no Psi matrix. 1. [sem_resid_nrm.stan](/29ydb/files/sem_resid_nrm.stan): Full SEM, normal model for residual covariances - Simulation study 1 scripts (parallel-indicators): 1. [para_cfa.stan](/29ydb/files/para_cfa.stan): CFA no Psi matrix. 1. [para_cfa_az.stan](/29ydb/files/para_cfa_az.stan): CFA with approximate-zero Psi matrix. 1. [para_cfa_resid_lkj.stan](/29ydb/files/para_cfa_resid_lkj.stan): CFA seprataion-strategy Psi 1. [para_cfa_resid_nrm.stan](/29ydb/files/para_cfa_resid_nrm.stan): CFA normal hierarchical model for Psi
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