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**Instructions for use** ------------------------ This repository contains data and materials for the two experiments reported in our paper: [Foster, J.J., Sutterer, D.W., Serences, J.T., Vogel, E.K., and Awh, E. (2017) Alpha-band oscillations enable spatially and temporally resolved tracking of covert spatial attention. Psychological Science, 28(7), 929-941.]( You can find a pdf of the paper on our lab website [here][1] **Data citation:** See citation list in the top-right corner of the main project page. **Usage:** This OSF project contains the data and analysis scripts for all experiments in our Psychological Science paper. If you would like to use the data in published work, please cite both the paper and OSF data set. We analyzed the data in MATLAB, so the data are .mat files and the analysis scripts are .m files. To run the scripts, you will need access to MATLAB. For any further questions or comments, please email me at [1]: